About Us

Kennebunkport Sign Company (KSC) is owned and operated by father daughter duo, Richard and Tara Baker, in one of New England's premiere tourist destinations Kennebunkport, Maine. The business began as a hobby for Richard when he designed and built a machine to make carved wooden name plaques. Initially, he gave the signs away as presents to his children's friends; then he began producing signs for house warming gifts, wedding presents, and theme parties.

When Richard welcomed his first grandchild in 2014, his eldest daughter, Tara, requested his help in making a whale-shaped name sign as a present to her nephew for his first Christmas. They had so much fun working together to bring Tara's design to fruition that she proposed they develop a few more shapes and make it a bona fide business venture.


Christmas 2014: Tara with nephew Cameron & the first 'Kennebunkport Zoo' sign

After designing three shapes – whales, bunnies, and ducks – the Kennebunkport Zoo was born. Tara began advertising on social media and hitting the pavement “popping-in” to boutiques throughout the Northeast. The response was overwhelmingly positive as every retailer she approached thought the children’s name signs were “adorable” and “precious”, and welcomed the opportunity to partner with KPT Sign Co. Within 8 months of product conception, the Kennebunkport Zoo could be found at 18 specialty boutiques in 6 states from Maine to North Carolina. Due to popular demand, KSC expanded the Zoo by adding elephants and bears to the collection of unique and adorable animal-shaped signs.